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ecoGypsum - High Quality Recycled Gypsum

ecoGypsum is high quality recycled gypsum extracted from plasterboard for use in agriculture and manufacturing. ecoGypsum provides an environmentally friendly solution, reducing landfill waste, saving fossil fuels and recycling plasterboard in a cost-effective manner.


Summary of ecoGypsum benefits:

- Plasterboard can be 100% recycled into gypsum powder. So why landfill plasterboard when there is an environmentally friendly alternative.

- Recycling plasterboard is not only environmentally friendly but also cost effective. Builders and developers can reduce their waste costs by not having to pay landfill prices.

- Builders and developers who dispose of their plasterboard with plasterboard recyclers are also eligible for the Green Building Councils 6 Star green rating.


Collections Recycling Applications

ecoGypsum has a transport fleet of bins designed specifically for contruction contractors offering savings in cost and time.


By reycling plasterboard instead of landfilling we preserve our current landfill resources, and save fossil fuels & land resources used in the mining of virgin gypsum material.


Gypsum is an excellent calcium and sulphur fertiliser dramatically improving the textural, drainage and aeration properties of heavy clay soils.